Friendly’s New Ultimate Grilled Cheese Burgermelt only 1500 Calories???

friendlys grilled cheese burgermeltFriendly’s is making news for the new addition to their menu – The Ultimate Grilled Cheese Burger Melt which is “A Big Beef burger between two hot grilled cheese sandwiches, with lettuce, tomato and mayo”. I read one article on CBS News that stated it was 1,160 calories which I knew had to be incorrect. I decided to check their site to see how many calories it really has. Friendly’s nutrition chart states that their Ultimate Grilled Cheese Burger Melt is filled with 1500 calories. This number seems way off since their grilled cheese sandwich is 800 calories alone. I just wrote them to find out if this is a mistake or how they got to the 1500 calories number. Below is my letter to them. I’ll follow up when I get a response.

Email to Friendly’s:
I noticed your ultimate grilled cheese burgermelt is supposed to have 1500 calories however your grilled cheese alone has 800 calories. Simple math tells me the “bun” (ie 2 grilled cheese sandwiches) alone would be 1600 calories which would put this sandwich closer to say 2,000 calories when you throw in the burger and condiments. Is this an oversight on your part or is there something I am missing?