A Healthy Salad from Moes Restaurant?

My co-workers and I are picking up Moe’s for lunch today so I decided to check out their salad options. Below are the 2 options I found on their site:

closetalkerpersonaltrainerThere is the Personal Trainer which weighs in at a whopping 880 calories and 62g of Fat along with the Close Talker which somehow found a way pack in more calories and fat. It has 1030 calories and 68g of fat.  If I chose to eat either of these I would have already met / exceeded my Fat for the day and had 70 – 90% of my sodium for the day along with approx 50% of my calories for the day.

I instead opted for a soft taco called “The Funk Meister” which has chicken, black beans, cheese, lettuce and pico de gallo for 280 calories and 10g of fat.  I’ll most likely have something else along with this however I try to keep each meal I eat to between 300 – 600 calories.

I’m not sure how popular these salads are at Moes but would bet that if the calorie / fat information were posted along side the price on the menu, these items would not be ordered nearly as much.