#1 Buyer of Organic Cotton – Walmart!

walmart_organicAccording to a recent Organic Cotton Market Report by the Organic Exchange, international retail sales of organic cotton grew 63% from 2007 to 2008.  At the top of the list for retailers / brands that are purchasing organic cotton is Walmart (believe it or not). I haven’t been in a local Walmart in some time however I just did a search on their site and found 136 men’s, women’s & children’s apparel items all featuring organic cotton. The best part is that all of the items are actually reasonably priced. I found a boys tee for $3, men’s tees starting at $4, women’s tank tops starting at $4 and women’s skirts / dresses for as low as $10.

Also on the list of top ten retailers / brands is GreenSource (#9 ), Pottery Barn (#8) and Nike (#3).  For the complete list, check out Tree Hugger.

If you have no idea what organic cotton is or why you should purchase it, here is a chart to show you the differences between conventional and organic cotton.