Long time no blog

I realize it’s been a while since I last posted on my blog.  I have had lots of things to write about and little time to write about each topic.  In the coming weeks expect to see a few posts about some new gree products that we purchased over the past few weeks including the Solatube we had installed in our bathroom on Earth Day.

On another note, this week is “Bike to work week”.  Ok so Friday is actually bike to work day but it seems the powers that be are trying to turn it into an entire week.  I do live but one mile from the office and have not switched over to biking to work 100% of the time but am hoping that I will start biking to work more frequently in the coming weeks.

I have started a “biggest loser” weight loss competition at work against Dan.  We are now three weeks in and I have lost 17lbs.  There are a few factors that make that number a bit higher than it really is (ie we weighed in after lunch in jeans the 1st day and before breakfast in shorts every week since then).  I am still happy for the amount of weight I have lost as a result of tracking my calories and running.

That’s all for now!