New DealCatcher Coming Soon


We are in the process of relaunching DealCatcher with some cool new features. Below are just a few of the changes we made. Feel free to check it out and let me know if you find any bugs!

Today’s Deals

Today’s deals is the featured section on the main page of our site.  It is defaulted into popular order meaning the best deals are right at the top of the page. We add hundreds of coupons as well so we have filters set up on the right hand side of the page so you can see all the coupons and sales that have been added to the site. Each one of the sorts (popular, newest, store and category) can also be filtered by deals, coupons and sales.  There are tons of ways for you to find what your looking for or you can just use the main page to get the best deals.

Catch of the Day
Our catch of the day section has sometimes been primarily for top Dell deals as they are usually what people are looking for on our site.  We have added an extra 5 hot deals to the side of the catch of the day so you will not miss out on our most popular offers.

Our categories have multiplied as we were tired of putting everything in very unspecific categories like “home & garden”.  Mr. Baxter (Dan’s dad) , one of our most frequent visitors, will be happy to know there is now a tools section!  Within each category are the same sort features as the main page of our site with one addition.  We also have a price sort within the category / subcategories.