Refinance Drama – Final Chapter (I Hope)

This is hopefully my last post about my refinance as I am hoping that things are now going in the right direction. First, let me wrap up my disgruntled rant about my first failed refinance.

1st Refinance
After speaking with a few people, I decided to contact the bank commissioner to file a complaint against Provident Funding for failing to “fund” my mortgage for what I felt was a bogus reason.  A day or 2 after I sent in the complaint I received an email from the mortgage broker telling me I had every right to file the complaint however I had some dates /times mixed up. After speaking with him, he informed me that my initial rate was locked on December 17th with Wells Fargo and sometime in early January they “flipped” my mortgage over to Provident Funding b/c Wells was taking to long to close loans at the time.  I was not aware this had happened but that does not change the way I feel about Provident Funding.  I’m a little annoyed that the mortgage broker switched my mortgage to Provident but in all reality I would not have cared if it had gone through.

wfhmstandardFinal Refinance (hopefully)
Today the rates dropped a little and I decided to pull the trigger and lock in at Wells Fargo directly. The rate at Wells was 5.0 with 0 points.  I decided to lock in at 4.50% with 2 points.  I feel such a relief that I am locked and and things seem to be moving forward again on my refinance.

Thanks Carole @ WellsFargo in DE!