Eco Friendly Bathroom Remodel

While we wait for the mortgage refinance to go through, which may never happen, we’ve decided to update some things in our house.  One of the rooms in the most need of an update is our upstairs bathroom.  It has a very PINK tub and the original tile floor / walls. We are trying to find way to go green on this remodel but so far it has proven to be a bit dificult, at least from my initial online research.  I’ve been looking through many sites trying to find a vanity that is both environmentally friendly and not extremely over priced.

Here was the suggestion from eHow:
Look for wheatboard bathroom cabinets, which are typically made from wheat straw ad a nontoxic binder. Cabinets made from conventional particleboard and MDF can emit toxic chemicals such as formaldehyde. Cabinets made from supportive, harvested wood are another eco-friendly option.

So far my search for wheatboard bathroom cabinets has turned up very little.  I have been able to track down a few bamboo cabinets however I have only seen 4 or 5 different cabinets, none of which were within a reasonable price, in my opinion.  I’ll update the site with more information after I check out our local Home Depot to see what green options they have for bathroom vanities.