Get Rid of Your In-Home Water Service

A few years back my wife and I decided to stop drinking so much soda and switched to drinking mostly water. As a result we became much more aware of the taste of water. For a few years now we have been paying to have Deer Park water delivered to our door since our home drinking water tastes bad and refilling those small brita filters was a pain in the butt. When we moved to our new house, we inherited a fridge from the previous owners that had a water filter built in. I thought this would be a great way to get rid of our Deer Park water service since we could now just get filtered water from our fridge. There were 2 problems with this:
1 – the fridge does not also have a hot water feature which is really nice when making tea, hot chocolate, etc.
2 – My wife did not like the fridge water as much as it was not as cold

A few weeks ago my friend Dan and I were talking about water filters / service and he found the Greenway Water Filtration System.  Basically it looks just like one of the 5 gallon bottles that you put on the water cooler but you can pour tap water in the top chamber and it filters the water. I decided I would be the Guinea pig and test this new product. I knew if it were going to work for us it would have to be easy to replace the water, the water would have to be cold and it would have to taste good. Once we received it in the mail, I put it together, followed the directions soaking the filter for 30 minutes in water and then filled the top chamber. The water filtered through the top chamber surprisingly fast. Now came the real test….My wife and I both drank a glass of water and were extremely happy with the taste / coldness of the water. Even better is the fact that the Greenway bottle is BPA free, unlike the 5 Gal water containers from DeerPark.

Now for the best part….the savings

Our Current Water Plan
5 – 5Gal Bottles of Water – $36.25/month
36 x 12 Months = $435 per Year

New Water Plan

Greenway GWF7 Water Filtration System w/ 1 Filter – $50 (approx)
1 Addl Filter – $25 shipped (approx)
$75 for the 1st Year, $50 each additional Year


In all I’ll be saving $360 by using the water filtration system. There are a few things missing from the above including the cost of tap water but that depends on your location and would be maybe an extra $25 – $50 per year tops. There is also the water cooler which is normally offered by the water companies for free (as a rental…ie they take it back when you cancel the service). This would cost around $100 – $150 at Amazon, Home Depot or Sears. Even with these 2 additional features, the first year savings alone is worth $200.

I bought the Greenway GWF7 from when it was $39.99 + Shipping. As of today, they are not in stock at Target but are available from EverythingFurniture for $49 + Shipping.