Amex Discontinues Indy Mac Mortgage Offer

picture-82I’ve been looking for the best deals on mortgage refinance rates for some time now and came across what I thought was a good deal.  Indy Mac has a page on their site that mentions their teaming up with American Express to allow you to earn rewards points / cash back by paying your mortgage with your AMEX card.  I was very tempted this morning when I saw the 30yr fixed rate a 4.875% with 1.2 points to set this up with my American Express Cash Back card which pays 5% cash back at Gas stations and grocery stores and 1.5% cash back at all other stores.

Unfortunately, when I called Indy Mac, they explained that American Express decided to cancel this program and they are no longer offering this to their custsomers.  It would be nice if Indy Mac would remove this offer from their site since it was the main reason I called them for a rate quote in the first place.